Dataflex Web Application running on a laptop

Dataflex – A modern, battle-proven programming language for enterprise applications

Dataflex - A modern, battle-proven programming language for enterprise applications

At Digitize we develop and host a range of different types of software. Our staff are trained in multiple languages to ensure the right options are evaluated to fit our customers needs. When it comes to backend business systems that empower staff to reach peak efficiency, it’s hard to beat Dataflex. 

What is DataFlex?

Dataflex is a language and framework that was developed by DataAccess almost 40 years ago to make the production of reliable and secure, database driven, business software that is cost effective and efficient. True to their motto, Dataflex finds itself empowering businesses from SMB’s to enterprise—including some of the largest organisations in around the world.  These include companies such as:

  • Coca-Cola in Denmark

  • DataTech in the United States

  • VolkerRail in the Netherlands

  • Austin Programmers Group (APG) in the United States

  • NHS in the United Kingdom

  • Triumph Business Systems in Australia,

just to name a few.

Dataflex Web Application running on a tablet device

Long Lasting Software

Software written in DataFlex has proven to be extremely resilient over a long period of time requiring very little maintenance. DataFlex was often found powering the systems of well established companies while laying a lasting foundation for newer businesses.

What this means for you? When you have software written in DataFlex, you know that it’s going to be robust and will not have redundancy factors that affect many other platforms.

Dataflex can power Native or Web Applications 

DataFlex Web Application running on a mobile

DataFlex Web applications use a powerful framework that is mobile responsive so your applications work no matter where you need to use them. Once business logic has been defined, a developer can seamlessly move between developing a native desktop application or a responsive web application that you can access from anywhere. DataFlex offers powerful structures and so you can separate your business logic from the presentation layer making switching between native and web applications so much simpler.

What this means for you? As your business requirements change, you may need functionality that is better served with a different type of application. Web Apps are powerful systems that allow access from anywhere in the world, but sometimes the performance of a Desktop App cannot be beaten. Due to the flexibility of Dataflex, it is easy to choose the best solution for your business.

Database Driven

Often new businesses and start-ups are founded by “not-so-tech savvy” entrepreneurs who have systems built up around tools like Microsoft Excel. As the business grows and processes become more sophisticated, a business can quickly outgrow such a system. The foundation of DataFlex is built upon database driven design, which is rather similar to the core data of your Excel documents. The tooling and flexibility DataFlex provides will let you quickly convert your spreadsheets into a robust and more logical system so your business can keep growing.

Dataflex Web Application running on a laptop

Data Dictionaries

The biggest innovation we find when using DataFlex is the power of their Data Dictionaries. This is the core layer between your applications business logic and database ensuring consistent and correct data.

What these mean for you? Your data’s validations and requirements are specified in a single place to reduce coding overhead and ensure your data is accurate.

Powerful Tooling - The DataFlex IDE

Dataflex Studio IDE running on a desktop pc

The Dataflex Studio is second to none when comparing  Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s) that truly enable developer efficiency. With enhanced debugging capabilities, powerful reference lookups, and flexible customisation, a developer working in the Dataflex Studio will always be equipped to solve any challenge. 

Dataflex tooling offers automation so that once your core business rules are defined, inside reusable Data Dictionaries, the development of interfaces is fast and efficient. Having such powerful tooling let’s the developers focus on your unique business requirements, instead of implementing functionality that is not your businesses focus. 

What this means for you? Debugging programs can be a painful process that cause some of the most senior developers to scratch their head. With powerful tooling, this process is made a lot easier and more efficient. This saves you in development costs and allows faster responses to issues that may arise.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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