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Bring your business to the next level with custom software built-for-purpose


Enjoy software that works across platforms, accessible by mobile or web app, that any staff can access, and feed data to power the valuable insights you need to grow your business.


With a custom solution for your business, complicated manpower management won’t needlessly cause headaches and drive large inefficiencies in your business.


Make a statement to online shoppers with a unique, reliable experience on your eCommerce store that’s built specifically to host your products or services.

C# Software Development

Build solutions that function and integrate seamlessly on any platform with modern C# software development

Our processes ensure we understand you and your business

What does your business look like with custom software?

With custom software built-for-purpose to the needs of your business, join large and medium companies around the world in smarter operations, growing with the leading edge of technology.

Most large and many medium businesses are turning toward bespoke, custom software development tools to meet the needs that the generic options are either too inefficient or too expensive to achieve. Off-the-shelf solutions are, in most cases, simply not fit for purpose with bloated designs, poor optimation, and exorbitant fees that can cut into the potential growth of your company. So future-looking businesses are looking for a better solution to gain a competitive advantage – tailor-made software applications that function better now and scale with their business.

What is custom software development?

In the tech industry, software is either built for generic use and sold wholesale, usually on a subscription basis, or made for niche, specific purposes of meeting more complex needs.

Custom software is agile, efficient, and reliable whereas off-the-shelf software can be large, slow, and dysfunctional on your systems. But what is the process of designing custom software, and how does it differ from subscribing to a generic product?

All software, both generic and bespoke, is built by developers with a goal in mind – the difference with custom software is that it’s a much narrower goal. Instead of servicing the needs of an entire industry – for example, Point of Sale software for retail – developers can target the specific needs, products, back-end processes, payroll functions, or any other unique protocol in your business and build software that only functions to meet those criteria.

The benefit? Simple; you can operate with simpler, more reliable, faster computing, with greater effect. You’ll likely see:

  • Less downtime on your software and hardware, wasting less money and keeping your clients happier
  • Paying lower annual fees on full suites of software of which you only use a small portion.
  • Flexible support with service staff available that intimately understand the inner workings of your software.
  • Easy-to-use applications that are made to suit your staff’s skills and knowledge.
  • Faster computing for less frustration, stress, and fewer surprises.
  • More powerful insights from your valuable data sources which enable you to grow your business with confidence.

Simply put, the effort that you put into understanding the processes that make the backbone of your company can be translated into unique tools that fit the task perfectly. All on a better budget than your current I.T. spend.

Your software project delivered with agile development

A critical factor in the success of any custom-built software development is the process followed by your development team. At Digitize, we understand the importance of timelines, effective products, and happy clients, so we follow the Agile development process.

With Agile, you will see the benefits of your custom software development process sooner, with quickly deployed products that become available during the development cycle – enabling you to see returns much sooner than you would otherwise expect. Following the Agile methodologies, we develop your software in sprints, optimising our application development lifecycle to meet your needs. The key features of our process include the following:


    • We work with you to find the right solutions that fit your unique requirements, gathering data that other processes are likely to miss.


    • With full transparency, we design software – application, programming, or system – to directly target your goals, with the capacity to adapt to your future needs as your scale your business.


    • Our expert software developers build the software quickly and efficiently according to the designs, ensuring that the software code meets the direct needs of your business.


    • We thoroughly test the software to function on your systems, so there are no integration issues as you adopt the product into your business.


    • With a working product built quickly and under your watchful eye, we seamlessly deliver your new software onto your systems, allowing your productivity and efficiency gains to be seen as soon as possible.


Each sprint is independently managed so that you can enjoy the benefits of custom software development as soon as they can be ready for deployment and so you can be certain that your new software will meet your requirements.


For software development solutions on any scale, Digitize has the expertise and experience in a range of development programs. From Ruby on Rails for high-quality web apps to C# for easily integrated products on the .NET framework, we can build solutions that efficiently meet your needs.

If you have specific requirements that regular off-the-shelf software solutions can’t easily meet, ask us about the myriad of options available to you.

Experts in custom software development

Digitize brings software development to businesses that share our desire for fast, reliable service and attentive support. Our expertise in software development tools allows us to bring the best solutions for the most unique, niched needs by developing custom software that integrates seamlessly and works efficiently. Before you spend far too much of your I.T. budget on software that either does far more than you need or only a fraction of what you require – ask us today about how our custom software development process can benefit you.

Frequently Answered Software Development Questions

Is custom software development cheaper than buying off-the-shelf solutions?

In the long run, custom software is basically always a more economical option. While you may pay more initially in some cases, custom software development will be both cheaper to support and maintain, bring you greater returns on more efficient processes, and improve the productivity of day-to-day operations. Generic software is generally priced on a subscription model, so you actually have no limit to the expense over a long timeframe, but with a custom solution, an upfront development cost is necessary before paying a cheaper ongoing support and maintenance fee.

The efficiency, reliability, fast and expert support, and bespoke structure of custom software will not only save you on costs but also provide more tools to scale and grow your business.

Who owns the intellectual property rights to my custom software?

Yes. With custom software development, so much of the inside information of your business is considered and indeed included in your software project. So it would be an issue if you did not own the intellectual property rights of your custom software. Not only do you own the custom software that is built for your business, but we are also happy to pass on the maintenance duties to support the adjustment and updating of your software to your staff or another provider if you wish. Our primary concern is in your business meeting its stated goals for your new custom software.

How long will it take before we have access to our custom applications?

Each application development process is different depending on the scope of the project, the unique requirements you have, the integration into other systems, and many other factors. We can tell you that our software development lifecycle is optimised to give you access to your own software as soon as possible and maximise your efficiency as early as possible.

To achieve this, we use the Agile development methodology to complete projects in ‘Sprints’, delivering distinct projects as they become ready for deployment, all under your supervision.

Will my software become obsolete when my business scales?

No. One of the primary benefits of custom software development is the flexibility it provides to your business, making growth more predictable with greater insights and more comprehensive systems that seamlessly grow and adapt to your changing needs. With off-the-shelf software solutions, growth can cause large additional costs in your software and technology, but those costs can be easily mitigated with adaptable software that precedes your scaling business, paving the way to more customers, additional services, greater connectivity and reach, and more efficient management.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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