AWS Consultants

Experts in planning, migrating, and managing your Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The resources AWS offer is constantly expanding with over 175 different services currently offered. Plan, identify and document how your business can take advantage of these offerings.

Have an existing system that you are looking to move to AWS? Whether it’s on premise or with another provider, we specialize in the migration of your assets in a secure and reliable process.

Have experts manage your cloud to keep your systems running reliably, secure, and efficient. We continuously maintain, update, audit, and optimize your cloud environment.

Why AWS?

AWS was originally built to enable the rapid innovation of Amazon’s internal systems. This allowed them to grow quickly and release features that customers needed, as needs grew.

AWS’s services is now trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world. You can comfortably rest knowing that your systems are hosted somewhere where your capacity can grow indefinitely.

The advantages for organizations is the ability to prototype ideas without heavy investment, and scale as requirements change. This means no more having to budget for large hardware costs.

AWS’s “pay for what you use” model allows teams to innovate with quick access to needed resources. Once a successful idea is found and market fit is obtained, you can quickly expand.

Global reach so you can be where your customers are.
Infinitely scalable so you can just focus on growing.
Enterprise capabilities and security by default.

A traditional environment can get quite expensive when you realize the staffing capacity needed to administrate all the different services. Fortunately, Digitize has a lot of customers so we always have these staff on hand with up-to-date training and industry expertise.

Our staff constantly acquire new certifications and accreditations to ensure they are up to date with AWS’s extensive services and best practice. This constant learning allows us to keep at the edge of innovation and offer you solutions that you may not have even considered yet.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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