Managed Hosting

Secure, reliable, and durable managed hosting that continually delivers your business needs.

Whether your organisation is big or small, global or local, saving lives or delivering parcels, dependable hosting is a must. Digitize’s specialisied managed hosting packages keep your systems running.

A reliable managed hosting platform consists of a few crucial parts that are common amongst all deployments.

Code Storage

Your code is an important asset for your organisation that must not make its way into the wrong hands.

We store your code using Git in a secure, central, backed up repository with best practice implementations so that you can rest knowing your code is looked after.

Continuous Integration / Delivery

With our automated systems your code is continuously tested and deployed to different environments to reduce human error and improve reliability and developer efficiency.

Security First

Digitize takes a security first approach with everything we do. We constantly stay updated with industry best practice, research ways to improve, and rigorously apply security patches and mechanisms as they are released so your data always remains safe.

All hosting packages come with SSL/TLS certificates.


Our automated backup systems afford you peace of mind should anything ever happen to your data or files. Securely kept and regularly tested, your backups are always available.


All servers are deployed using automated tools with all configurations going through source control and code review so mistakes don’t happen and your hosting environments are secure and complete with no oversights.

Testing Environment

For testing updates or user changes, a testing server is an important part of a hosting solution. This ensures new features can be tested safely in isolation of any production data.

Common solutions we provide managed hosting for

Dataflex IIS Web Hosting​

Dataflex is a powerful and mature framework that has powered enterprise grade software for 39 years. The systems Dataflex is used to build require secure, reliable, and robust hosting. Digitize has tailored hosting that caters to the unique requirements Dataflex imposes to ensure your systems remain up, secure, and fast.

Whether you are looking for hosting of older Dataflex frameworks, or the latest DF 2020, we have experts that will ensure your systems run.

  • Dedicated servers to ensure optimum performance
  • Application support to ensure your systems are always running.
  • 24/7 monitoring from experts who know your technology stack
  • Locality based hosting to ensure your users have the fastest response times
  • Automated backups
  • Configurable automated deployments
  • Remote desktop access as required
  • Dedicated servers
Starting at $225 per month
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Managed Hosting

Ruby on rails is a powerful framework that has been adopted by many companies that are looking to get their product into production fast. Ruby on Rails is at the core of Digitize’s products, including our Daytrading platform Daytrade Scans.

Our hosting is customised for each application. Your gem choice, database choice, or which microservices you have, will all be supported.

  • Highly Available setups
  • Utilise container technology
  • Dedicated servers
  • Any gems or libraries your project requires
  • Optimised for performance and security
  • Automated deployments
  • 24/7 monitoring by experts who know your technology stack
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL database support

Starting at $150 per month.

Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Every WordPress setup is unique and tailored for the requirements of the business it was built for. This can range from a variety of different plugins, custom themes, and even modified WordPress core files. Then each setup may require server libraries installed to perform specific tasks very fast.

We host websites from landing pages to high traffic news platforms. We have learnt the ins and outs of secure, fast, and reliable hosting so your website will be available when your customers are looking. Regardless of your set up, our team can make sure you succeed.

  • Free performance optimization that can make significant improvements on your SEO ratings
  • WordFence premium subscription to make sure your site is always as secure as possible.
  • Uncongested servers and services to ensure your website has the performance your clients expect
  • 24/7 Monitoring from experts who understand your technology stack
  • Locality based hosting so your clients get the lowest latency. Whether you’re in Australia, Europe, or America.
  • Automated deployments for systems utilising a custom deployment stack like Sage and Bedrock.
  • Redundant databases that are backed up with 5 minute point in time recovery.
Starting at $70 per month.

For businesses of any size, professional WordPress maintenance services are an excellent investment. Not only do you protect your online presence from security breaches, outdated information, and poor experiences for your customers, but you’re also able to save money on on-site hosting, management, and plugin subscriptions.

Regular WordPress maintenance is a daily task, and the larger or more complicated your website, the more challenging and essential the job becomes. The simplest sites can often manage with a maintenance plugin through their WordPress dashboard. Still, when multiple plugins, themes, custom coding, or a large number of visitors are seen – professional management becomes essential.

Fast load speed is critical for any business’s online presence – too slow, and your customers will turn to your competitors. With the right web host and a site setup optimised by professional developers, you can improve your load speed significantly and keep your customers on your page.

Site speed relies on up-to-date plugins, website performance optimization, premium hosting with considerations for location and congestion during peak traffic timeframes, and intelligent security measures.

Poorly maintained WordPress websites are rife with several key indicators that flag search engines to blacklist or penalise your site. Malware, spam, and broken links are the main offender, but page load speed, fresh, relevant content, updated plugins, and safe, secure hosting are also noticed.

If you’re trying to make any gains on search engine results pages, a healthy WordPress site is an absolute requirement.

A simple website is likely to function by default across devices or different browsers. Still, custom development, complicated WordPress plugins, and some WordPress themes can cause conflicts on mobile or non-Chromium browsers. With professional WordPress website maintenance services, your site will run quickly and securely on any device, allowing you to reach more customers, and it’s great for SEO.

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Managed Hosting Plans

All our packages can be customized and tailored to your business requirements. The following packages are the base systems that Digitize has developed over time as standard offerings that cover most use cases.

Business WordPress​


per month

A baseline managed hosting package that covers most off-the-shelf WordPress websites.

Shared CPU

Shared RAM

50GB of Storage

50GB outbound data

Business Custom


per month

Perfect for most entry level systems that are built using platforms like Ruby on Rails, PHP, NodeJS and DataFlex.

2 vCPU processors

4GB ram

100GB storage

200GB outbound data



per month

Perfect for entry level Dataflex apps that power small to medium businesses. Ensure your business keeps running with our tailored hosting.

2 vCPU processors

4GB ram

100GB storage

200GB outbound data



per month

Built for customers with high traffic and isolated needs. Your own virtual network completely isolated from other environments.

Configured as required to suit your business needs inside your own private network.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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