Ruby on Rails

When you need web applications with rapid development, excellent security, and reasonable cost, Digitize is your best bet with Ruby on Rails.

The growth of e-commerce has revolutionised the way businesses operate and reach customers. With consumers now preferring to shop online more than ever before, more businesses have been required to innovate and leverage modern technology to reach their customers. It is now more important than ever to make sure your ecommerce website is fast, convenient, and enticing for your customers.

As an experienced ecommerce solutions provider, Digitize offers a range of customised ecommerce solutions including professional ecommerce website design, ecommerce web development, ongoing store support and maintenance, and search engine optimisation (SEO) to be visible online. With Digitize, your e-commerce store will enable your business to reach more people, stay open 24 hours a day, and scale with the leading edge of online technology.

What is Ruby on Rails?

You may have heard of businesses using Ruby or Ruby on Rails for a wide variety of applications and wondered; what exactly is that?

Simply put, Ruby on Rails is a programming language built on the Rails framework optimised to quickly, securely, and effectively create web applications, mobile applications, online stores, certain types of databases, and a myriad of other projects. The key points are that it’s very quick to build and deliver, it’s very reliable to run on, and it takes your security seriously.

Why use Ruby on Rails for web development?

When you’re building new web applications, the last thing you need is your project getting stuck in development hell, causing you to miss deadlines and lose business. Ruby on Rails gives developers the tools to push projects to the deployment stage much more quickly and reliably – built on a modular framework that makes developing complicated web applications intuitive and straightforward.

With competent Ruby developers, any well-planned and designed project is all but guaranteed to flow smoothly to deployment, giving you the benefit of a quick development timeline, better-functioning web apps, and no large, nasty surprises just as you’re moving to deploy your project.

A full range of options with Ruby on Rails

While Ruby can be used to write many different applications, there are a few key areas in which it truly excels.

  • Client-facing web portals
  • eCommerce stores
  • Online, publicly available tools like archives or calculators
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Connecting applications with other web services

Ruby on Rails can build sleek, aesthetically pleasing and functional web apps with complex databases and computational tools running on the back end. With the power to create any tool you need for your company to grow and scale to meet the needs of more customers and the smooth development to have it happen quickly and securely, it’s your best bet to take the next step in your industry.

The benefits of RoR for your web applications

Ruby is well known for the powerful and accessible tools that Rails developers use to quickly and efficiently produce applications for clients, but there are several impressive benefits that you, the client, can access.

Less time spent on development means that costs are lower across the board for your project, but also, more time can be allocated to planning and designing your system. Digitize takes full advantage of the smooth development that Ruby on Rails allows to gain a deeper understanding of your requirements and goals for your project and to design solutions that better meet your needs.

Web applications are especially vulnerable to nefarious actors online, so security is a priority concern when designing and developing client-facing projects for you. Ruby on Rails is built with these needs in mind, with exceptional security for your data and robust code that front-end developers can utilise to protect you in the long run.

Ruby on Rails maintenance and code auditing

If you’re currently struggling with a poorly built or outgrown Ruby on Rails application, Digitize can offer you simple, effective solutions.

We’re experts in web development and the Rails framework and can investigate and audit your code to ensure that it’s working in the way you need. With simple, effective updates, your website can be adjusted to scale with your company and meet the needs of your clients, allowing you to reach more people and grow your business.

  • Code audits to find errors or ineffective apps
  • Regular maintenance and support
  • Website speed optimisations
  • Frequent backups and updates
  • Security improvements
  • User experience improvements

Our design methodology is results-driven

As qualified Ruby on Rails developers, Digitize takes full advantage of the powerful modular tools that Ruby provides to prioritise the results you aim to see with your project.

We operate on the Agile methodology, designing, planning, and developing projects in sprints to provide you with functional applications sooner. This allows you to see the returns on your investments earlier so you can grow your business and hit your targets ahead of time.

Why is Ruby on Rails so quick to deliver your project?

Short development cycles on your new applications sound like a great benefit when you’re planning the next phase in your business’s growth, and by all accounts, Ruby on Rails is the development tool to achieve those short deadlines. But what makes Ruby on Rails so effective at delivering projects on time?

Ruby is built on the Rails framework, a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern that boils down to an ability to package out-of-box tools together with code scaffolding to quickly create a high-functioning tool with a fraction of the work. It makes extensive use of. Javascript to bundle a library of pre-created tools to solve just about any problem with clever coding and significantly less work than other systems.

The long and short of it – Ruby on Rails development doesn’t reinvent the wheel on every project. It uses pre-created solutions designed to fit together in a configuration that works exceptionally well. With a great Ruby on Rails developer, you can enjoy elegant solutions on short timeframes at a fraction of the cost.

Digitize is your Ruby on Rails front-end developers

Digitize is the software developer that prioritises your goals within our design and planning, which takes full advantage of the modular and elegant design of Ruby on Rails applications. With smooth, well-managed design and development timelines, your vision is delivered in your projects, from aesthetic web applications to powerful back-end software.

For your next project, work with a Ruby on Rails developer that understands what you need to meet your targets.

Ruby on Rails FAQs

Why do you prefer Ruby on Rails over x alternative?

While Ruby on Rails does have several exciting alternatives when it comes to building functional web applications, such as Django (python), Sinatra, or Hanami, we find that with the requisite technical skills, Ruby on Rails gives more functional freedom to developers, and allows us to speed up development.

We’re objective-driven, so your goals are what we design to. We use the best design tools to provide you with a web application that achieves the objective that you seek to meet, not simply give you a tool that does what you want. Faster development, better planning and design, and more elegant functionality are why we use Ruby on Rails for our clients.

Are Ruby on Rails projects more expensive than other languages or frameworks?

No. Typically, due to the quick development phase, more effective design and planning, and easy maintenance of Ruby on Rails applications, the lifetime costs of Ruby projects are lower than they would be if built in other languages or on different frameworks. We choose RoR to find better results for you.

What would a Ruby on Rails application mean for our clients?

Ruby on Rails develops intuitive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites, applications, and software. Your clients will be satisfied with easy-to-use eCommerce stores, functioning online portals, powerful databases and public-facing tools, and simple support if you opt to build with Ruby on Rails.

Will my application be easy to maintain if it’s built on Ruby on Rails?

With the expertise and knowledge to build elegant solutions on Ruby on Rails, your application will be easy for any developers to maintain and provide ongoing support, drastically reducing lifetime maintenance costs. Since Ruby is built on the Rails framework, with modular code in Javascript, pushing updates and troubleshooting code is simple.

How long does it take to build Ruby on Rails web services?

Every project is different, depending on your goals, requirements, and unique needs, but the entire process – plan, design, develop, test, deliver – is significantly quicker with Ruby on Rails.

This means you get access to your new software faster, allowing you to see returns on your investment and push your business growth to the next level.