Technology Integrations

The best off-the-shelf products can take you 80% of the way. We give you the quality of life the final 20% brings.

When an organisation is growing, new software products are constantly tested and used to solve evolving problems. These products end up becoming a main-stay of the business, while not completely satisfactory, keep the organisation moving forward.

Digitize works closely with organisations that have adapted such tools and help build out that final 20% that’s needed to tailor these applications specifically for you. 

These solutions then keep the staff that were trained in these products efficient while allowing the other systems in your organisation to have the information they need.

Financial Data Integrations

Through the success of our product we have built up a unique expertise in providing businesses, from news companies to internal systems, a customised solution that utlises realtime exchange data.

Digitize has extensive experience working with Chi-X and ASX.

Whether you are looking for a data vendor, custom trading applications, exchange & financial application integration, we can work with you to create a custom solution.

Enterprise Bus

Enterpise Service Bus’s (ESB) are powerful systems that allow the seamless integration of many different applications so that all applications can receive the information that’s needed.

Such systems provide powerful solutions when multiple existing systems need to be integrated, either via a merger, acquisition, or looking to create inter-departmental efficiencies.

A ESB works by creating a common platform for every application to send it’s data into, where it is transformed into a common format, that every application can then receive and react to.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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