For functional, hassle-free website hosting, Digitize works with your business to find the best results. WordPress offers security, reliability, and simple, stress-free management for businesses of any size.

Your company website is your online hub, so a reliable, stable site that can manage the features specifically required by your business is a must. Since over 40% of the internet uses WordPress, finding the right WordPress hosting provider will make your website fast, secure, and functional. WordPress hosting allows you to run your page in the way you need, and Digitize makes it work for you.



WordPress sites can be modified to fill any role and easily adjust as needed – perfect to fit into your niche.


Built for everyone, WordPress sites are comparatively simple to update, alter, and maintain with just a few clicks.


With a free SSL certificate and plugin updates, all your WordPress sites will be secure and resistant to service interruptions.


WordPress websites can be optimised for SEO; with advanced plugins and in-depth background SEO management, you’ll be found online.


Avoid the frustrations of Shopify with WordPress-hosted WooCommerce for advanced eCommerce tools.


The WordPress WooCommerce plugin allows you to build out your online store your way. With advanced plugins, powerful branding, SEO, and marketing features, and the tools you need to design, operate and grow your online store, you’ll enjoy the benefits of intelligent web hosting and a flexible platform.

At Digitize, we understand and overcome the barriers keeping customers away from your online store. We insist on fast speeds, appealing designs, stringently updated plugins, and an intimate client support team to keep your online store operating for you.


To grow your business, you need a website that looks appealing to your customers. The WordPress environment provides the most flexibility, aesthetic style options, and brand consistency for your business with many plugins, a simple, easy-to-use editor, and consistent handling of your hosting and data.

Build an eye-catching website, and host it on a fast, local server, and you’ll enjoy consistent growth in your business.


Over 40% of the internet is built on WordPress because of its flexibility, support, and powerful features. With superior security, SEO functionality and the sheer variety in design and build options offered by the broad WordPress community, it’s your best option to get your website live quickly, run efficiently, and be noticed by search engines.

With the huge benefits of building a WordPress website come several upkeep requirements. The excellent security, powerful SEO functionality, and flexibility of design and function come with the need to manage your plugins for updates. This is why many businesses, small or large, rely on the services of WordPress hosting providers. Handling your own upkeep can be a part-time job all in itself, but for a hosting service like that offered by Digitize, it’s managed simply and efficiently.


Every WordPress site is different, with custom layouts, plugins, core code, SEO data, and requirements, making optimisation and maintenance a complicated challenge for many hosting services. Digitize does it better; we go the extra distance to optimise and maintain your WordPress page, offering you a premium managed WordPress hosting plan that does far more than simply keeping your site live.

We meet the benchmark services offered by other hosting providers, such as; SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, automatic WordPress updates, daily backups, WordPress speed management, and domain name security.

But Digitize always go above and beyond to see your business thrive and grow, offering premium WordPress hosting services such as:

  • Free performance optimisation that can make significant improvements to your SEO ratings
  • WordFence premium subscription ensures your site is always as secure as possible.
  • Uncongested servers and services to ensure your website has the performance your clients expect
  • 24/7 Monitoring from experts who understand your technology stack
  • Locality-based hosting so your clients get the lowest latency. Whether you’re in Australia, Europe, or America.
  • Automated deployments for systems utilising a custom deployment stack like Sage and Bedrock.
  • Redundant databases that are backed up with a 5-minute point-in-time recovery

Our WordPress hosting plan, like all of our web hosting plans, can be tailored to meet the needs of your business to build a secure, functional, and fast website to grow your business.



per month

A baseline managed hosting package that covers most off-the-shelf WordPress websites.

Shared CPU

Shared RAM

50GB of Storage

50GB outbound data



per month

Perfect for most entry level systems that are built using platforms like Ruby on Rails, PHP, NodeJS and DataFlex.

2 vCPU processors

4GB ram

100GB storage

200GB outbound data

Shared CPU



per month

Perfect for entry level Dataflex apps that power small to medium businesses. Ensure your business keeps running with our tailored hosting.

2 vCPU processors

4GB ram

100GB storage

200GB outbound data

Shared CPU



per month

Built for customers with high traffic and isolated needs. Your own virtual network completely isolated from other environments.

Configured as required to suit your business needs inside your own private network.


How is WordPress different to other platforms?

Many businesses use WordPress specifically for the flexibility offered by open-source code and private developers producing custom plugins. Due to the broad range of lean, singularly functional plugins available, your website can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Other hosting platforms generally charge exorbitant fees for additional features, so your subscription bill can quickly become unfeasible. On WordPress, many plugins are entirely free and no less potent than custom-built plugins by the original developers. The trade-off here is that managing the upkeep of your site locally can require more effort than some businesses are willing to commit. Fortunately, with a WordPress hosting platform, maintenance is easy, and many offer additional features to speed up and optimise your site.

Will WordPress work for my new website?

At Digitize, we offer a range of web hosting plans to ensure your business can thrive. WordPress itself is extremely powerful, flexible, and secure, so generally speaking, it can tailor your new website to meet your needs regardless of your unique requirements.

Additionally, our team is dedicated to remaining abreast of WordPress’s latest developments to bring you the best features for your business.

Is your WordPress hosting fast?

We understand that page load speed can be the death of your online presence, so we prioritise hosting speed to keep you accessible and online. You can enjoy locally based hosting in Australia, the US, and Europe and unclogged servers to ensure the fastest hosting possible.

Is WordPress hosting management a cost-effective option?

Yes, as far as web hosting can go, WordPress is just about your best option for any small or medium business. With a broad selection of plugins for functionality, flexibility, aesthetic style, robust back-end SEO optimisation, and the ability to grow and reflect your thriving business, WordPress is far cheaper than other options.

If I already have a hosting account with a different provider, can I transfer to Digitize?

Yes, we can migrate your service from a different provider in a smooth, straightforward way so you don’t see any downtime on your website. Once you partner with Digitize, we’ll handle your service, optimise your website, and audit your WordPress backend so you can be confident that it’s running as fast as possible.


At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.