Connected Services

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure eco system includes everything you need to run an enterprise architecture that meets modern security and reliability requirements.

Utilise your existing Microsoft 365 and Active Directory infrastructure to provide a secure, robust. An Azure architecture allows you to continually provide a consistent experience while extending your existing capabilities to the cloud.

Microsoft offers a large suite of products for modern companies to power their employees. These systems include the use of Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Enterprise Systems with CAL’s, Microsoft Office Suite, Sharepoint Intranet, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams.

The management for permissions of these is done through Active Directory, which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure.

So whether you are already an existing user of Microsoft products, or looking to expand your capabilities, Digitize can help you set up.

"Microsoft Azure, along with Microsoft's software-as-a-service effort and its footprint in enterprises, make the company a strong No. 2 to AWS. As enterprises pick preferred cloud vendors, Microsoft will be an option."

Azure Advisory Services

Working together closely, we can assess your goals and requirements to develop a strategy that will maximise the benefits to your business. Broken up into achievable phases, we can deliver the project in whole or work closely with any establishes teams you have.

  • Feasibility assessment
    Work out the cost of migrating your services to Azure and the effects it will have on your business. Each business has its own unique requirements and we can work with you to assess what would be required to make the most of Microsoft Azure.
  • Proof of concept
    We can work with you to create a micro structure of your organisation or a part of your infrastructure so you can test and assess the impact first hand.
  • Infrastructure creation and deployment
    Our experts can create infrastructure from scratch and customise deployment pipelines to make your software delivery robust and reliable.
  • Infrastructure modernisation
    Move off outdated technology and hardware and embrace the benefits modern systems have to offer.
  • Azure Active Directory hardening
    Create, customise, and audit Active Directory profiles for your organisation to ensure optimum security.
  • Security audit
    Assess your current infrastructure’s security protocols and check how it adheres to best practice. We can also advice on how to implement new solutions in a secure way.
  • Disaster recovery plans
    Disaster recovery is a crucial part of running any organisation to ensure you can always delivery the needs of your clients while managing the risk of unforeseen circumstances.

Seamless Integration

Empower your organisation with some of the powerful tools Microsoft has to offer. Each can integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Azure infrastructure to keep your staff running efficiently and your clients happy.

The following services are heavily utilised within Digitize and we stand by the power and flexibility they have to offer.

Active Directory

The heart of your organisations identity management. Used to store information about members of the organisation, including their devices and users including verification, authorisation and access permissions.

Office 365

The full Microsoft suite integrates perfectly with Active Directory and other Microsoft services to enable seamless file authoring, editing, and collaboration

Dynamics 365

An enterprise grade resource planning tool (ERP) and customer relationship manager (CRM) to ensure quality customer experience from acquisition to delivery.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business grade communication platform that allows seamless communication between all staff and required guests. Teams also integrates with most major 3rd party tools your business may utilise.

Why partner with Digitize?

At Digitize we are a focused team that invest constantly in improving so that we can provide the best capabilities to our clients. Our processes and teams are built around being flexible so we can deliver tailored solutions instead of trying to make existing solutions fit.

Each client has a dedicated account manager that will ensure you are always getting the best service possible.

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